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He is my best friend Peter. He is very friendly and intelligent. He speaks Spanish, English and French. He lives in a very special and particular city. The name of the city is Transylvania and it is among the trees and the mountains.
People live in the trees and their houses are old with different colors. Peter´s house is in a really big tree. It has five bedrooms, a small kitchen and a living room.
I really like to visit this city because you can swim, walk and connect with nature. People in Transylvania have very special characteristics in their bodies, and Peter´s family is not the exception.
For example his father has two heads, four arms and his hair is blue. Peter´s mother has three black eyes, five arms and seven legs and Peter´s sister has white hair, three eyes and four legs. And Peter has a green eye, nine arms, two heads and purple hair.
Peter and his family are very friendly, positive and happy. They love to play different instruments in the festivals of the city. Peter´s parents play the guitar and the violin with their relatives. And his sister loves to play the guitar and sings among her friends. And Peter likes to dance! He is a really good dancer!
I am very happy because I have the best friend and I respect the different types of people in the universe! Because differences make us beautiful and special!

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