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Hola hola familia!! Hoy les traigo una lectura super buena e interesante, sobre 3 de los animales más raros del mundo! … Cuéntenme qué les pareció la lectura y cuál es el animal más raro para ustedes 😀 .. Recuerden qque el vocabulario está al final de la lectura 😉

SLOTHS(1): are the slowest creatures on Earth(2). Everything they do is slow. They eat slowly, blink(3) slowly and move slowly. They are so slow that they need a month to move one kilometer! They are also(4) the sleepiest animals alive(5): they sleep up to twenty hours a day! They eat fruit and leaves, and because they are so slow and sleepy, they burn energy(6) very slowly. Sloths live in trees in the rain forests of South and Central America, because they are always in trees, they´ve learned(7) to eat, sleep and even give birth upside down(8).

THE PITCHER PLANT: of south-east Asia´s rain forests is the largest meat-eating plant(9) in the world. It´s so big that it can even digest(10) rats. But how? First, the plant attracs insects and small animals with a sweet smelling sticky nectar(11). Second, the cup-shape plant(12) is an excellent trap(13). It has slippery sides(14), so once the insects and other animals are inside, there´s no escape!
However, the pitcher plant doesn´t «eat» food the way animals do. First, it needs to use chemicals to break down(15) the protein and other nutrients in the meat and then it absorbs them.

The grass and plant-eating HIPPOPOTAMUS: might be one of the deadliest creatures(16) in Africa, but it has very sensitive skin, so living in the African heat(17) is difficult. A hippo needs to spend most of its time in lakes or rivers. The water helps the hippo stay cool, but it doesn´t protect it from the sun´s rays(18). Luckily(19), the hippo has adapted so that it can produce its own «sunscreen»20). Two acids in the hippo´s skin combine to make a special gel that absorbs all the sun´s harmful rays(21). It also stops skin infections when the hippo gets injured(22) in fights.


  1. Sloths: Oso perezoso.
  2. The slowest creatures on Earth: Las criaturas más lentas de la tierra.
  3. Blink: Parpadear.
  4. Also: También.
  5. Alive: Vivientes.
  6. Burn energy: Quemar energia.
  7. They have learned: Han aprendido.
  8. Give birth upside down: Dar a luz boca abajo.
  9. Meat-eating plant: Planta come-carne.
  10. Digest: Digerir.
  11. Sweet smelling sticky nectar: Nectar pegajoso de olor dulce.
  12. The cup-shape plant: La planta en forma de copa.
  13. Trap: Trampa.
  14. Slippery sides: Lados resbaladizos.
  15. Brak down: Descomponer.
  16. The deadliest creatures: Las criaturas más mortiferas.
  17. Heat: Calor.
  18. Sun´s rays: Rayos del sol.
  19. Luckily: Afortunadamente.
  20. Sunscreen: Protector solar.
  21. Harmful rays: Raos dañinos.
  22. Gets injured: Es herido.

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