The Four Friends!

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There are four friends in our big restaurant. Their(1) names are Will, Charles, Jhon and Lucil. Will is a lawyer(2) and he works in a big company. He is old and he listens to music in his car.
Charles is a young(3), happy musician. He plays the guitar in a group. The name of the group is «The thirteen black spiders(4)«.
Jhon is an English writer(5). He writes history books and romantic novels in a big library of the city. And Lucil is a young teacher. She speaks fast and she likes animals. She works in an important school in Texas.
The four friends love to eat pizza and hamburguers with orange juice(6) in our restaurant on monday, friday and sundays.


  1. Their: Su/ Sus.
  2. Lawyer: Abogado.
  3. Young: Joven.
  4. Spider: Araña.
  5. Writer: Escritor.
  6. Juice: Jugo.

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