Stephanie´s Life!

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I am Stephanie and I am a musician. I sing(1) and dance in different theatres of the city. I live with my parents(2) and my brother Tom in an old house in Toronto, Canada.
My father is an engineer(3) and he loves to play soccer with my brother and my uncle(4) Henry on saturdays. They play in the park. The park is between(5) the school and the supermarket.
My mother is an architect and she likes to visit museums with my grandmother(6) on thursday. She is a happy, honest person.
My brother Tom work in a small(7) hospital. He is a doctor an he loves to help people. He likes to play the piano with my grandfather in his free time(8).
My best friend(9) is my cousin(10) Jennifer. She is a writer and she loves to write her books in nature among(11) the big trees. And this is the story of my happy, big family!


  1. Sing: Cantar. 7. Small: Pequeño(a).
  2. Parents: Papás. 8. His free time: Su tiempo libre.
  3. Engineer: Ingeniero(a). 9. Best friend: Mejor amigo(a).
  4. Uncle: Tio. 10. Cousin: Primo(a).
  5. Between: Entre. 11. Among: Entre.
  6. Grandmother: Abuela.

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