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Hello! My name is René! I am Kate´s friend. She talks about me in the first reading! Do you remember ?
I am an actor and I have to travel to different countries for my job. In February I go to Spain. I like to walk in the streets and eat with my friends in different and interesting restaurants.
My sister Erika lives in Spain with her daughter and her husband Dave.

In July I go to Brazil. That country is very hot but I love its happy people and its big beaches. Brazilians love to dance and their food is excellent.
In August I go to África! I live with different families of the country to learn more about their culture. In África lives my favorite animal: The elephant! It is gray, big and beautiful!
In October I go to London. I love to go to the bars of the city to listen to music. My parents live in London and they have a small restaurant among the big houses of the city.

Finally, in December, I go to Mexico. I really like this country. There are beautiful places to visit and very friendly, happy people. And this is a part of my life story. I love my job!

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