Benjamin Franklin

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Familia hoy les traigo una parte de la biografía de Benjamin Franklin. Recuerden que abajito les dejo el audio de la lectura para que puedan practicar el Reading, El Listening y el Speaking :D.

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1706. When he was only twelve years old, he started work as a labourer(1) in his father shop office. There he started(2) his political and literary career as editor of the «New Englalnd Courant», a liberal newspaper(3).

After his working day at the newspaper, Franklin studied. His most famous discoveries were in the field(4) of electricity. On a stormy night(5) in 1752, he launched a kite(6) into the sky. A key was attached(7) to the kite. When lightning struck(8) the kite, electicity was transmitted to the key. In this way Franklin demostrated that lightning was electricity. After that discovery, he invented the lightning conductor. He also discovered the principle of the conservation of electrical energy.

The last part of Frankiln´s life was dedicated to politics. In 1774 he decided that America had no future as a part of the British Empire(9). He started to work for America independence. In 1775 he returned(10) to the colonies, where he was elected a representative at the first Congress of the United States. With Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, wrote(11) the famous Declaration of Independence.

He returned to Europe in 1776, where he made an alliance(12) with France and, in 1783, signed the peace treaty(13) with England. He died in Philaelphia in 1790.


  1. Labourer: Obrero.
  2. There he started: Ahí él empezó.
  3. Newspaper: Periodico.
  4. Field: Campo.
  5. Storm night: Noche de tormenta.
  6. Launched a kite: Lanzó una cometa.
  7. A key was attached: Una llave fue atada.
  8. Struck: Golpeo.
  9. British Empire: Imperio Britanico.
  10. He returned: Él regreso.
  11. Wrote: Escribió.
  12. Made an alliance: Hizo una alianza.
  13. Signed the peace treaty: Firmó el tratado de paz.

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